CSR Policy

De Vere Venues is a leading supplier in the provision of hotels, leisure, conference and restaurant services.

In addition, all Group companies are responsible for: As a high volume business, we’re well aware that we use a large amount of energy, consumables and waste every day. With this in mind, we’re working hard to balance our output by working with experts and advisors to improve our practices.

To support this objective, the De Vere VenuesSustainability Policy applies to all De Vere Venues activities, products and services, and we’re working towards BS 8901 accreditation in this area.

The Sustainability Policy addresses 4 key areas:

  • Environmental Impact; ensuring there is a sustainability culture through the business and our staff; adopting an environmentally sound transport strategy by encouraging the use of bikes, care share and shared taxis; ensuring our building management systems are set-up to use fuel efficiently thereby minimising our CO2 omissions; sourcing renewable products in the make-up of our hotels; and re-using and recycling of materials, packaging, furniture and waste in our day to day operation.
  • Supply Chain Management; working with our suppliers to source environmentally friendly products which where possible are locally sourced and with minimal delivery packaging.
  • Community Investment and Social Impact; supporting both UK wide and local charities; providing structure for the growth and development of young people through internal development programmes and our De Vere Academy. We also strive to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, through job creation, work experience and supporting local community initiatives.
  • Employment Practices; incorporating environmental awareness and implementation methodology as part of our staff training.

The De Vere Venues Sustainability Policy is directed at Board level and is reviewed regularly.

Current Initiatives - actions now for the future

We are dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint whilst at the same time providing first class hotel, leisure and training facilities.

We seek to achieve continuous improvement in our environmental performance, setting examples for others to follow, and playing an increasing role in building a sustainable future and protecting our environment now and into the future.

Our aim is to consider the environment in all our activities, incorporate environmental management into everyday business, and to adopt the highest standard of excellence in environmental practice without compromising our excellent service to our customers.

We are working to understand the environmental issues associated with all our operations. Some examples of the actions we are now taking for the future are:

  • Incorporate environmental awareness as part of our staff training and ensure everyone is involved with its implementation.
  • Work with our suppliers to increase usage of environmentally friendly products and supplies.
  • Purchase recycled goods where possible and recycle paper, plastics, cardboard and glass.
  • Recycle or re-use old furniture by donating that which is in good condition to charities or organisations where these products can be re-used.
  • Rigorously promote energy conservation and reduce energy consumption through controls on water, heating and electrical systems.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle waste where possible.
  • Provide responsible disposal options such as grey water management in and around our buildings for use within plant borders, re-processing used vegetable oil and encouraging the use of bio-fuels.
  • Encourage re-use guest towelling.
  • Install energy saving features during refurbishments, such as card pocket systems to control lighting, motion detectors, dimmers and low energy lighting wherever feasible.
  • Implement an energy monitoring and reporting system to enable us to establish the true cost of running our facilities and set energy reducing targets.
  • Reduce the impact of paper usage by increasing our use of online transmissions and electronic data collection.
  • Adopt an environmentally sound transport strategy, encouraging the use of bikes, car share and shared taxis for staff.
  • Share our environmental expectations with our suppliers, partners, contractors and customers and encourage them to adopt sound environmental and sustainable practices, such as reducing the amount of packaging and consolidating deliveries.
  • We are committed to responsibly sourced food products and ingredients following seasonal trends and sourcing locally whenever possible to reduce food miles and support the local community.
  • A programme of monitoring and review will be used to ensure that our environmental performance is periodically audited and evaluated. For the well being of future generations it is everyone’s responsibility to take action now and we ask that our guests support us in our endeavours to lessen our environmental impact by using our products and services in an environmentally-sensitive way.