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The Course

A quintessential English golf course which meanders over ridges, through valleys and is studded with ancient woodland, lakes and streams.

Hole No.1 - Jesuit's Graveyard: 457 Yards, Par 4
Thread your tee shot between the trees and Jesuit's graveyard to set up a testing approach shot to a raised green, protected by a bunker.

Hole No.2 - Church View: 187 Yards, Par 3
It pays to be accurate as any shot hit long or right will prove difficult to get up and down.

Hole No.3 - Tew Approach: 445 Yards, Par 4
A long, accurate drive is required to avoid three well placed fairway bunkers and set up a downhill second. Often made more difficuly playing into prevailing South West wind.

Hole No.4 - The Wall: 530 Yards, Par 5
A hole to test all those golfers who hit from left to right, but is a genuine birdie opportunity. Ideally best to play left to right from the tee and right to left on the second if the green is to be reached in two.

Hole No.5 - Foxberry Wood: 377 Yards, Par 4
The ideal tee shot will split the fairway between the pond and the first of the bunkers, leaving a short iron to a narrow green protected by a bunker on the left and a deep swale on the right.

Hole No.6 - Archer Bridge: 314 Yards, Par 4
Long hitters might attempt to drive the green but they will discover there is no margin for error to the left where the water eats into the green.

Hole No.7 - The Fishing Lakes: 425 Yards, Par 4
A drive hit too far to the right of the fairway bunker will also find the fairway, but will leave a blind approach to the green.

Hole No.8 - Kite Grove: 414 Yards, Par 4
A hole to favour the long hitters, requiring a tee shot of atleast 240 yards to leave an uniterrupted view of the green.

Hole No.9 - Serpetine: 222 Yards, Par 3
Dominated by four ponds that eat into the right of the green, and a well-placed bunker that will catch out the golfer who attempts to bale out to the left.

Hole No.10 - Little Paddock: 452 Yards, Par 4
A demanding par-4, where bunkers eat into both sides of the landing area and the green is surrounded by an orchard.

Hole No.11 - South Avenue: 577 Yards, Par 5
The lie of the land means the big hitters can reach the green in two, but the safer option may be the lay up short of the water.

Hole No.12 - Great Cow Meadow: 416 Yards, Par 4
With a green barely 20 yards deep, protected by bunkers on both the left and right, the 12th hole proves to be another tough two-shotters.

Hole No.13 - Cold Bath Terrace: 203 Yards, Par 3
A more demanding Par-3 requiring an accurate tee shot over the cascading stream to a green cut into the side of the hill.

Hole No.14 - The Glyne: 525 Yards, Par 5
The approach can be hit high or low depending on the conditions of the day, a true call for imagination.

Hole No.15 - Tams Bluff: 196 Yards, Par 3
Often played down by a prevailing South Westerly wind, and made more demanding still by the provision of a bluff bunker situated 25 yards short, making the green seem much closer than it is.

Hole No.16 - Shrewsbury: 342 Yards, Par 4
It pays to think twice before reaching for the driver. The safer option might be to hit a iron down the fairway and then flight a wedge or 9-iron over the sand and into the heart of the green.

Hole No.17 - The Duel: 464 Yards, Par 4
The last of seven par-4's, arguably the most demaning of them all, playing up hill to a testing green.

Hole No. 18 - Grand Avenue: 596 Yards, Par 5
The closing hole at Heythrop has a strong claim to be regarded as the straightest hole in world golf, but dont let that deceive. The approach is made more difficult with an absence of bunkers around the green, which is guarded by a series of deep grass hollows.

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