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Showtime Rewards

Showtime Rewards Terms & Conditions

Please retain a copy of these Terms & Conditions

1) General

1. The reward value is based on the total revenue recorded in De Vere Venue’s booking system i.e. what is confirmed on the contract prior to the event, it does not include additional expenditure incurred at time of event such as beverages and any additional service. This means that the invoice you receive may not reflect the points rewarded. Please also note the booking value excludes VAT.
1.2 De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards only applies to meetings, conference and corporate function enquiries & bookings, but excludes accommodation and social events unless taken in conjunction with one of the aforementioned.
1.3 Your confirmed event rewards will only be issued after the event has taken place and has been paid for, then once your account has been credited you may redeem your rewards. Please allow 7 working days after your event has taken place for your account to be credited. If your event has been cancelled or if the venue is no longer part of De Vere Venues, the De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards scheme does not apply.
1.4 De Vere Venues reserves the right to add, modify and delete any of the conditions, rewards or terminate the loyalty scheme at any time with or without notice.
1.5 The De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards scheme is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer from De Vere Venues, or with any pre contracted discounted rates.
1.6 No cash alternative will be available and rewards are non-transferable.
1.7 Participation is subject to your company's approval.
1.8 By participating in De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards, you have agreed for us to use your name in future marketing material, your name is likely to be published if you are a winner of any of the promotions we run. Your details will be passed onto our third party agent that manages the fulfillment of reward vouchers and will be used purely for delivery purposes.
1.9 In some instances Taxes may apply, the payment of this will be the sole responsibility of the individual or company.
1.10 You are personally responsible for declaring the receipt of your rewards and any TAX that you need to pay, not your employer or De Vere Venues. Please contact your local tax office for advice on how to do this.
1.11 Direct corporate bookers and 3rd parties are eligible to join the scheme. Only one reward will be issued to the booker and will be rewarded per booking. If a 3rd party is used to make the booking, then the client will not be eligible for rewards.
1.12 Bookings made for our Preferred Partner Venue (Heythrop Park) are excluded from the De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards scheme and are not eligible for rewards.
1.13 All bookings which have pre contracted discounted rates are exempt from the De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards scheme.
1.14 UK resident companies are eligible only (Not available for non-uk resident companies).
1.15 The De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards member accounts will be created with the email address provided at the time of booking enquiry, as captured in the De Vere Venues booking system. Alternative email addresses can be specified within the De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards website, for tickets/points to be allocated to.
1.16 Any reward points you receive will only be valid to spend for 12 months from the date they are awarded into your account.
1.17 Any new members joining the De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards scheme have up to 4 weeks from receipt of their welcome email to activate their account, by accepting the terms and conditions stated here, to claim their rewards from that booking. You are only eligible to redeem points from bookings that have been created after joining - you cannot claim for bookings that have been created prior to joining, unless it's within the 4 week period from receiving your welcome/joining email.
1.18 Any members that move companies will need to update their company details within their De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards account. We will not create new accounts, but an account history will be maintained.
1.19 If your query relates to an event that has already taken place, then the query must be made within 1 month of the event start date. We will be unable to investigate any queries which fall outside of this time frame.
1.20 De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards is a scheme to reward events that are held at De Vere Venues properties. Therefore if a property is no longer owned by De Vere Venues at the time of the event, the booking will not be eligible for De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards.
1.21 De Vere Venues has the right to refuse issuing free cinema tickets should they suspect the enquiry to be non legitimate.

2) Terms & Conditions for Cinema Ticket Promotion

2.1 This promotion is only available to registered De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards members. To register click
2.2 For each valid booking enquiry, 1 Cineworld ticket code will be rewarded to agency bookers and 2 Cineworld ticket codes to a corporate company booker. If an enquiry is made across several venues for the same event, it will only count as one enquiry.
2.3 Cineworld ticket codes will be issued via email within 48 hours of enquiry.
2.4 Each Cineworld code entitles the bearer to a free ticket valid any day of the week, for a period of 4 weeks (from the date of issue).
2.5. Codes are valid for standard 2D film screenings only at any Cineworld destination throughout the UK. Excludes Alternative Content, Special Advance Screenings, VIP Boxes & IMAX.
2.6. All other standard De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards Terms and Conditions apply.
2.7 De Vere Venues reserves the right to add, modify and delete any of these conditions or terminate the programme at any time with or without notice.

3) Terms and Conditions for Agents with a Preferred Commercial Agreement

3.1 Agents with a preferred commercial agreement with De Vere Venues are not eligible for De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards points.
3.2 1 cinema ticket is rewarded for every meeting enquiry made. All standard cinema ticket Terms and Conditions apply, as noted in section 2.
3.3 If the original enquiry was made by a corporate, but the booking was made by a contracted agent that has a preferred commercial agreement with De Vere Venues, then the booking will not qualify for De Vere Venues Showtime Rewards points.