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Ice Breakers & Energisers

Entertain and engage your audience - Here are 6 great ideas from the largest selection of team building games in the industry.


An alternative approach to your conference or meeting break out session. Instead of the expected caffeine induced coffee break, perk up your team with Revitalise.

We’ll set up an impressive fruit stall and a number of blend stations for your delegates. As their break begins, our host will present the challenge to your group. You will select, cut, peel, slice and blend together fresh fruit into a new taste sensation.

If time permits we’ll run a competition to find the very best fruit smoothie makers in the room. Either way your colleagues will re-enter their conference feeling energised and revitalised.

Duration: 30 mins - 1 hours
Participants: 10 - 200

Mexican Railway

Imagine for a moment the power of the Mexican wave and how it livens up an audience. Now imagine, rather than throwing your arms in the air, the audience is holding a lightweight railway track and transporting precious cargo along it.

An ingenious way to demonstrate to power of one team, one goal. We bring the necessary equipment, you construct it, before aligning each section to that of those either side of you. As the group raise and lower their arms in sync, the cargo is transported around the room.

Duration: 15 - 30 minutes
Participants: 10+

Blow the Blues Away

Blow the Blues Away creates energy and laughter as you and your colleagues enjoy a live solo from Blue’s legend Eddie Martin, before your team is transformed into a mass blues harmonica band in a matter of minutes.

Once the energy has been lifted, your team may keep their harmonicas, which can be branded according to the key conference message.

Duration: 12 - 30 mins
Participants: 10+

Dino Dash

Based on the famous royal tournament; only we’ve replaced cannons with colourful ride-on dinosaurs for that extra bite! In teams you must construct the giant puzzle before racing it, with rider, to the finish line.

Dino Dash can be run inside or out, offering the ideal chance to re-energise your meeting.

Duration: 30 - 45 minutes
Participants: 10 - 100

Need 4 Speed

Need 4 Speed is a hectic table based intervention that encourages total participation, bringing top gear to the table.

Each table becomes a team, who must assemble a number of beautifully crafted concept cars. Each attempt is timed and logged, before teams are given the time to discuss how to achieve the same result in a faster time.

As teams improve and the leader board updates, the focus shifts to sharing best practice between teams to achieve the best time as a larger group. A great activity to demonstrate process improvement, promote sharing best practice and being aware of the importance of time management.

Duration: 30 - 90 minutes
Participants: Unlimited

Uke Can Do It!

This high energy activity is a unique event that brings people together as one. Each delegate will take a highly colourful ukelele instrument - described as the world's 'happiest instrument' - and learn from our charismatic ukelele masters, well known tunes in minutes!

Duration: 30 - 45 minutes
Participants: 10+

Not tickled your fancy?

For more great ideas or to talk through your event brief in detail, call 0844 346 1214 or send us an email.