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Outdoor Team Building Activities and Events

Fun filled and action packed - here are six great ideas from the largest selection of team building activities in the industry.

Italian Job

The ultimate team building experience! Just like the film, each team drives around a mystery route to retrieve as much “gold bullion” as possible.

Equipped with all manner of gadgets, gizmos, maps, clues and conundrums and travelling in an iconic BMW Mini, your team become engaged as special agents to try and retrieve the stolen gold.

Duration: 2 - 5 hours
Participants: 8-100 participants

Chequered Flag

Chequered Flag brings to you all the excitement, thrills and spills of a Grand Prix. Teams are provided with their chassis and have to design and build their race car to a given brief.

Once the tricky build and testing phase is over, it’s race time. A hilarious set of races take place where speedy pit stops are as important as quick lap times if you want to finish top of the podium.

Duration: 1 hour- Full day
Participants: 12 -1000

The Apprentice

Inspired by the hit TV series, this activity blends business challenges with a fun, high energy team adventure.

Each team is given a dossier which containing the challenges they must undertake. Designed around your brief, these challenges include interacting and negotiating with the public and local businesses. Concluding back in the boardroom, our very own Sir Frank Sweet will decide who is hired! 

Creativity, communication and negotiation are essential for teams to succeed.

Duration: 2- 5 hours
Participants: 10 - 500

Treasure Hunts

All treasure hunts are tailored to your specific group, key objectives and preferred location– from city centre to countryside. The choice of transport is yours too – from bicycles to helicopters and power boats to Hummer limousines.

Each adventure is plotted especially for you which enables us to work jokes into the clues. This element of personalisation means your colleagues will appreciate the extra efforts you have gone to organising the fun activity for them.

Duration: 1 hour - Full day
Participants: 10+

Code Overload

Just one in a series of high-tech team treasure hunt adventures, each team is given a tablet to navigate their way to mystery locations and answer secret questions to collect the highest total of points.

Code overload allows you to tailor your event experience to your meeting agenda and gives your colleagues the opportunity to break out of the office and refresh ready for the next presentation.

Duration: 90 mins - 5 hours
Participants: 10 - 5000


As a team of astronauts, you must design and build a working rocket docking system to take you safely back to your space station. Travel too fast and you may crash, travel too slow and you may fall short of the space station, leaving you destined to a life floating in space!

You have limited time and resources. Your survival depends on perfect planning, inventiveness, co-operation and considerable creativity. To add to the tension, bets will also be placed on which teams are most likely to survive.

What are you waiting for?  The countdown has begun! 

Duration: 1 - 2 hours
Participants: 15 - 400

Not tickled your fancy?

For more great ideas or to talk through your event brief in detail, call 0844 346 1214 or send us an email